Book Review – I Heart Hollywood – 4/5


Book Review – I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk – 4/5

This is actually my first read after I moved to the new city ( not including all the work-related licensing materials….)… I really enjoyed it. This book reminds me of Sophie Kinsella’s “Can You Keep a Secret?” Angela has a very similar personality with Emma (from Can You Keep a Secret?) , bubbly, genuine, and fun. And to me…I always have a thing for people with the last name “Clark” .. I guess….I was too addicted to 90210…ha…..Naomi Clark….anyway off topic…I rate this book 4 out of 5!! It was a good read, and the only reason I am not rating it a 5 is because of **SPOILERS** Alex’s reaction..being such a j*** when he was in NY, no texts, no calls (well…maybe there were one or two….but anyway…) and he became the most love-able bf once he landed in LA (Angie really need some love…:)) . How could he yell at Angie when she called in the middle of the night…well I know it was Four in the morning…but who cares…didn’t he miss Angela? …this is just my little thought….well I still enjoyed this book very much!! I am going to start I ❤ Paris soon… Currently reading Pretty Little Liars’ 14 – Deadly.

I Heart Hollywood – This is a story about a blogger Angela Clark flying all the way from NY to LA to interview a world-famous charming actor James Jacobs…….during the interview…Angie was followed by the paparazzi…..leaving James’ hotel at 1 in the morning…. Angie became the headline of the Hollywood newspaper…… with the ambiguous relationship with James……with her bf Alex being 2448 miles away….what is everyone going to think……

I hope you enjoyed my blog…

Miss Little P ..2014.03.01


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